Pinnacle Centre


A well-rounded education means finding a balance between classroom studies, physical activities, fine arts programs, school and community involvement, as well as social development and responsibility. Extracurricular activities offer the perfect opportunity to develop passions and interests that will encourage balance and enjoyment throughout a person’s life.

As a means of enriching the social and learning opportunities of students, our schools offers additional educational activities outside of regular school hours. These activities support and enhance our schools’ programs but function separately within Diamond and Relevant Schools under the name Pinnacle Centre. The aim is to both enhance and extend students’ educational experiences and to promote lifelong learning. 

Pinnacle programs cover a wide variety of interests, such as arts & crafts, dance, guitar, science and chess clubs, as well as a variety of games and sports activities.  Being able to access programs, lessons, and academic tutoring after hours on our schools’ campus has created advantages and convenience for both parents and students.

We have chosen our instructors not only because they are excellent at what they do, but also because they are passionate about transferring their enthusiasm for their activity or sport to others.