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Thursday, May 3, 2018 

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About Us

Our Schools

Diamond and Relevant  Schools offer education in a non-denominational, co-educational environment, and welcome students from all over the BC Lower Mainland in our collective school community.

Our Community

Formed in 1970, our Society has always sought to develop academic excellence, as well as social and cultural awareness. We encourage students to work diligently and to become socially responsible citizens. We remain dedicated to providing an enriched academic program in a safe and nurturing learning environment, where students can benefit from our school's unique educational philosophy and enjoy our close-knit family atmosphere. 

Parent's Role

Parents play an integral role in the education of their children. We have an open door policy and invite you to partner with our teachers and staff to support your children's learning and growth. 

About Us

Diamond & Relevant Schools celebrate our students’ love for learning through engaging, challenging, and relevant learning opportunities. Aware that the world is in a state of constant change, the schools place at the center of their philosophy the importance of arming students with the skills to succeed in later life, and providing learning opportunities in a real-world context in order to cultivate a culture of resilient, informed, and independent learners who are well versed in creative, adaptable, and imaginative thinking. It is the schools' aim to cultivate in our students an ability to meet the demands made upon them in the modern world, be it through technology, science, or social influences. Furthermore, the schools wish to enable its students to be world-aware, caring, and with a strong sense of community. 


Diamond & Relevant Schools envision a school community where each member is a principled and empathic leader dedicated to social responsibility. An enriched learning environment engages every student, and the democratic process is taught alongside social, cultural, and academic skills to motivate lifelong curiosity and empowerment. Students learn how to learn, communicate well with others, and address problems head-on. Every member feels valued and supported to create, express, and achieve.

Mission Statement

Diamond & Relevant Schools' mission is to collaboratively provide the children and youth of the nation with the tools and skills needed to become active participants in their own education and lives, and to become conscientious, compassionate, and confident social citizens with the knowledge to understand the world and the wisdom and courage to change it.

Our Values

It is paramount to instill in all people a sense of compassion, consideration, and responsibility to others and the environment;

Collaborating with others creates endless opportunities for change and drives success, as more can be achieved together than any one person can achieve alone; 

Knowledge should be shared, questions and curiosity encouraged, and imagination celebrated;

All people must learn to effectively and cooperatively solve problems and resolve disputes;

People that have a sense of control over their own learning processes are more likely to be motivated to learn, and therefore more likely to learn successfully;

Competition in the form of grades, percentage marks, and rankings is counterproductive and harmful to learning;

Education is a community responsibility and takes collective and collaborative action between school, home, and community.